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Diversity, vibrancy, and a cornucopia of learning opportunities: this is what awaits when you choose to study abroad in Africa. In a world where global experiences are valued more than ever, Africa offers a distinct blend of educational enrichment, cultural immersion, and adventure. At African Angel Tours (AAT), we are committed to bringing this unique experience within your reach through our study abroad programs.

Since 2002, AAT, a South Africa-based tour operator, has crafted study abroad in Africa programs tailored to the specific interests and academic requirements of institutions, particularly those from the United States of America (USA). Our nearly two-decade-long experience has allowed us to create a blend of rigorous academic exploration and immersive cultural experiences, enhancing students’ understanding of this vibrant continent.

Experience Africa with AAT

At AAT, we believe that to truly study abroad in Africa, one must also experience it. We guide students beyond popular destinations and into the heart of local communities, where they can delve into the rich history, culture, and politics that define the African identity.

To ensure a wholesome study experience, our itineraries also incorporate volunteering and community involvement. Our ties with local institutions such as the Othandweni Child Centre in Soweto and the Rehoboth Centre & Elderly Home in Cape Town provide students with opportunities to contribute meaningfully to the communities they visit.

Crafting Your Study Adventure

Understanding the unique needs of each study group, we collaborate closely with group leaders to design itineraries that resonate with your academic goals. Whether your field of study is anthropology, journalism, media studies or environmental policy, we structure the itinerary around your classes to enhance learning outcomes.

Once we agree on a basic itinerary, we provide a detailed cost breakdown, including accommodation, transportation, and day trips, with meals available upon request. Following the university’s approval, we confirm the details with all parties and gear up for the academic adventure!

Embark on an Educational Odyssey

To study abroad in Africa with AAT is to embark on a journey of learning that extends far beyond the confines of a classroom. From the University of Houston to Santa Monica College, institutions around the globe have benefited from the diverse, enriching experiences our programs offer.

Studying abroad in Africa opens students to new perspectives, equipping them with the global outlook necessary in today’s interconnected world. With African Angel Tours, you sign up not just for a study program, but an experience that will shape your understanding of the world.

Ready to enrich your academic journey with an unforgettable African adventure? Reach out to us today to learn more about our study abroad in Africa programs. With AAT, you’re not just studying abroad; you’re embracing a world of experiences that will remain with you for a lifetime. Let’s discover the educational wonders of Africa together.