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Full Day Robben Island and Cultural Tour

Cape Town


Set sail on a historic cruise to Robben Island, a unique symbol of “the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, suffering, and injustice” with a multi-layered history. Then Discover the multicultural side of Cape Town and interact with the locals. From District Six where forced removals changed the lives of many people to informal settlements where traditional healers and shebeens add to the rich culture of township life.



  • Robben Island Tour
  • District Six Museum
  • Langa Township Walk

Robben Island

The tour of Robben Island includes a stop at the lime quarry, where the prisoners mined lime. One of the most important highlights of the Robben Island tour is a visit to the maximum-security prison, where most of the political leaders were imprisoned. This section contains the single cells where Nelson Mandela and other prisoners were imprisoned. The village tour includes stops at the leper cemetery, the Sobukhwe house, WWII gun batteries, and warder houses.

District Six

Thousands of Capetonians of all colors and cultures used to call this place home. All of these people were forcibly removed from their homes in the 1960s as a result of the apartheid government’s separate development policy. They were then scattered throughout the Cape Peninsula (as far as possible from the city center) to areas known as the Cape Flats. On this tour, we visit the original District Six site (now a barren wasteland) as well as the District Museum.


Cape Town’s oldest formal township. On this tour, you will learn about the history of Langa, as well as the hostel system that was established by the former government to house migrant workers (men) who came to the city to work but were not permitted to live there. You also get a sense of what it’s like to live in a township and the spirit of the “New South Africa” that exists here.

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Itinerary reference: AAT009761

Price: R1800 p/p

Rates include: Registered guide, transport in an air-conditioned vehicle and entrance fees

Rates exclude: Lunch, drinks/beverages, gratuities, any items of personal expense