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The Cape Town International Jazz Festival is one of the events you must experience in your lifetime, especially if you love jazz. Known as Africa’s Grandest Gathering, CTIJF is sub-Saharan Africa’s largest, most star-studded music event that features international and local artists. It’s sought-after by many jazz enthusiasts locally and from around the world, and you can only witness it at the Cape Town International Convention Center.

While you can plan the trip yourself, consider joining a custom tour that has CTIJF in the itinerary. That way, you can make the most of your visit to South Africa and experience other cultural attractions more intimately. During your tour, you can discover the culturally vibrant Cape Town, one of the most iconic cities and destinations in South Africa. It’s a chance to explore attractions like the District Six Museum, Table Mountain, the Winelands and the Castle of Good Hope. Plus, you have the chance to see Robben Island, which held many political activists captive, including Nelson Mandela.

What’s in store for you?

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival is an annual music event that attracts many of the world’s famous jazz musicians and up-and-coming talents. However, booking a tour allows you to do more before and after the event. You can experience an unforgettable journey that lets you experience and learn more about South Africa’s natural beauty and diverse cultural heritage. You’ll also have opportunities to behold one-of-a-kind sights like Victoria Falls and enjoy a safari adventure in Chobe National Park.

Experience South Africa’s music scene

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