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Victoria Falls is a natural wonder located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts millions of visitors each year. The falls are not just a sight to behold, but a hub for numerous activities and attractions that make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here is a guide to the best activities and attractions at Victoria Falls.

1.Visit the Falls

The Victoria Falls are a must-see attraction. Whether you take a guided tour or venture on your own, be prepared to be awed by the beauty and power of the falls. You will have the opportunity to walk along the rainforest trails to get different views of the falls.

2. Elephant- Back Safari 

An elephant back safari is a unique and exciting activity that is offered at Victoria Falls. It involves riding on the back of an elephant as it walks through the African bush, offering an up-close and personal view of the surrounding wildlife and landscape.

3. Mukuni Village 

Mukuni Village is a cultural and historical attraction located on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls. It is a traditional village that has been inhabited by the Leya people for over 700 years, and is a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about the culture and way of life of this local community.

One of the main draws of Mukuni Village is its connection to the famous explorer, David Livingstone. The grandfather of Chief Mukuni, the current leader of the village, is said to have met Livingstone during his travels to the region in the mid-1800s. As such, the village has a strong historical significance and provides a window into the past. 

4. Sunset Cruises 

Sunset cruises on the Zambezi River are a great way to relax and enjoy the beauty of Victoria Falls. The cruises offer an opportunity to view wildlife such as hippos, crocodiles, and elephants, while enjoying drinks and snacks.

5. Zip Lining

Zip lining is a unique way to experience Victoria Falls. You will fly over the Batoka Gorge, which is home to stunning views of the Zambezi River and surrounding landscape.

6. Devil’s Pool

Devil’s Pool is a natural infinity pool that is located on the edge of the falls. It is only accessible during the dry season and is only for the most adventurous visitors. It is a truly unique and exhilarating experience.

7. White Water Rafting 

Victoria Falls has some of the most thrilling rapids in the world, and white water rafting is the perfect way to experience them. The river is classified as Grade 5, which means that it is for experienced rafters. There are half-day and full-day tours available, which will take you on a wild and exhilarating ride through the rapids.

8. Helicopter Tours

A helicopter tour of the falls is an unforgettable experience. You will be able to get a bird’s-eye view of the falls and the surrounding landscape. Helicopter tours are also the best way to see the falls in their entirety.

Victoria Falls tours offer a plethora of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you are seeking adventure or relaxation, there is something for everyone. With numerous tour options available, you can experience the best of what Victoria Falls has to offer. Don’t forget to bring your camera, as you will want to capture all of the memories of this once-in-a-lifetime trip.