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What to Bring

Written by  Administrator Tuesday, 03 May 2011 20:55
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What to Bring

(‘Before you go’ checklist)


Passport (including extra passport photos)

Visa, Airline ticket

Spending money in travellers checks (record numbers and keep separate)

Cash in 1’s, 5’,10’s,20’s

Major credit card(s)

Additional identification such as drivers license

Business cards

pens and paper

Addresses and telephone numbers



Be Sure to take care of:

Trip and/or flight protection insurance

Personnel phycision advised of travel

Security alarm activated

security service notified

Newspaper delivery stopped

Post office holding all, or friend emptying mail box

All heating and cooling units checked

Leave house key with neighbors/relatives

Hotel list with friends, relatives, lawyer & stockbroker

Pets/car arranged for

Care of the lawn and plants (gardener)

Additional Items to Remember

Medication and/or prescriptions

Extra prescription glasses or contact lenses

Small flashlight with new batteries

Travel alarm clock

Folding umbrella or light weight raincoat

Bathing suit with cover-up and sandals

Sunglasses and suntan lotion (SPF30)

Small packs of kleenex and moist towelettes

Packable dry snack or goods

Suggested Safari Packing List

Safari’s using light aircraft transfers have a strict weight limit - consult your itinerary.


3-4 Changes of casual clothing for safari

Shorts, T-shirts, Pants or jeans

Long-sleeve shirt Sweater or jacket

Sweatshirt / Sweatpants

2-3 Changes of casual clothes


Sport shirts



Pair of comfortable thick soled shoes (i.e.: tennis or running)

Pair of dress shoes, Rubber thongs (flip-flops) or sandals

Bathing suit / Trunks and cover up

Wide brimmed hat (to cover ears and neck)


Sunglasses (neck string comes in handy)

Prescription glasses / contact lenses

Sun screen (SPF30) / sun tan lotion

Insect repellent

Lip balm with sun screen added

Eye drops (the sun is very bright and it’s dusty on safari)





Toothbrush / toothpaste

Dental floss



Hair brush / Comb


Hand lotion

Anti-malarial medication

Personal medications

Antihistamines & decongestants

Converter / Plug set


Sewing kit and small pair of scissors

Additional identification, such as driver’s license

Travel alarm clock

Travel journal

Pen and paper

Addresses and telephone numbers

Large zip lock bags (for storing wet swim suit and dirty shoes)

A Photcopy of the Following

(to be kept separately from the originals)

Passport with two empty pages

Credit card(s)


Airline tickets

Camera Equipment

Camera with Camera Bag

Telephoto lenses (200-300mm)

Film (double what you think you need, including some High Speed film - 400-800)

Lead bag for film

Extra camera batteries

Battery charger for video cameras

Large zip-lock bags (to protect film and camera equipment from dust

Camera cloth / Cleaner

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